Battery Park - - West side - - 145th St



 Ken Roberts : January 2004

Battery Park

skating at the south tip of Manhattan island early in the morning

with the Staten Island ferry boat behind

Thin snow on the riverside "esplanade" along the west of the World Financial Center -- I make it skating to the north end

half-V skate technique required along a section of the Greenway path on the lower West side

deep snow skating between the highway and the Hudson River -- north of 79th St

surviving Cherry Walk -- somewhere between 96th and 124th Streets

(unusually good snow conditions on the path)

north end of Cherry Walk -- downhill to 124th St and parking lots -- with George Washington Bridge and Riverbank State Park beyond

(unusually good snow)

Food stop alongside the west side Greenway path -- a very welcome break for me.

squeezed in underneath the highway, but much bigger inside than I ever would have guessed.

service road to bypass the sanitation plant (with Riverbank State Park on its roof) between 135th and 145th streets

(a few days later this snow had been plowed aside)

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